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Info for newborn & preggie shoots

I have created a little list of frequently asking questions I get for my expecting mom for pregnancy and newborn shoots:

How far along into my pregnancy should I have my shoot?

This depends on how you are carrying but generally between 32 and 36 weeks is best. Too early and you will still be small and too late you risk having the babies and missing out on your shoot. You also tend to feel quite swollen and large towards the final days.

What should I wear for my maternity shoot?

Clothing that hangs well and shows off your bump without making you feeling uncomfortable or self conscious works best. Soft dresses work well as so long skirts with a top. Simple prints and designs work best. I can recommend a make-up artist should you wish to book one to help you feel a little pampered. 

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When should I have my new-born shoot?

If you would like photos of your sleepy new-born then the younger the better. Babies sleep a lot in the first 2 weeks and although it may be hard to think of doing a shoot when they are so little and you are so tired, they do fuss less if you can plan this. If you miss this stage I am able to work with any age child but obviously poses are a little harder with older "awake" babies.

Do you bring props?

I have a few little beanies and headbands for girls. I prefer my clients to have a couple of their own items to make their shoot unique to them and their baby. I’m more than happy to make suggestions but have a look online for ideas and we can chat about ideas. 

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Where should I have my new-born shoot?

If you are happy for me to come to your home it's often easier as you are most comfortable there and will have everything on hand should you require anything. I will however ask that you let me know how much “natural light” you have in a bedroom or lounge as I need as much light as possible for my new-born shoots. We can also use studio facilities if you would prefer to use those. Have a heater on hand if you would like to undress baby.

What happens if I need to feed or change my baby?

I always schedule 1hr30min up to 2 hours for new-born shoots to factor in feeding and changing. I usually request you try feed baby before I arrive but should the need arise for a feed please feel comfortable to do so. Babies will cry and become unsettled changing them so I try keep changing outfits to a minimum. 

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