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Info for family shoots

Family shoots are a great way to capture the years that pass by so quick.
I have created a little list of FAQ's I often get asked by families who book a shoot:

What should we wear?

I recommend co-ordinating clothing without matching everyone in identical outfits, try use a palette of colours that go well (eg: denim/navy/red/white OR khaki/cream/yellows/greens or shades of blues/greys/white)

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Do you supply props or should we bring any props?

I don’t arrive with a suitcase full of props as each family is unique and their interests differ. If you would like to bring along some props please chat to me and we can come up with suggestions based around your likes and family interests. Too many props tend to look “cheesy” so I would say less is more. For fun ideas check out Pinterest eg: helium balloons, sunglasses, cupcakes etc

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What time should we have our shoot?

Afternoon light is always better as it’s softer and causes less squinting and shadows. Early morning shoots can be planned in winter. We can schedule other times if there is sufficient cover from the sun, for example a forest. If there are young children try plan the shoot for after a nap so they are happy and not tired or hungry.

Where should I have my shoot?

I’m always open to new ideas otherwise I will make a suggestions based on your likes and interests. A few examples are: beach, garden, forest, urban/city, skate park etc.

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What happens if it’s going to rain?

I try to keep a close eye on the weather for family shoots. If strong rain or wind is predicted we can look at rescheduling or possibly hiring a studio if the date can’t be changed.

How do I get my kids to smile?

Bribery. Always bribery, haha! Please bring along some sweeties /snacks and I will work my magic charm. I have my own children and understand how unpredictable they can be so I’m patient and more than happy to wait until the child knows me a little and is comfortable to start the shoot. 

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