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Info for brides & grooms

Much thought goes into planning your perfect wedding day and as a professional photographer my aim is to capture what I see so that you are able to relax, enjoy your day and then look back at your photos and smile.

Try to remember that investing in your photos and album is one of the few lasting memories that you will have left of your wedding as therefore quality and experience should be a priority when choosing your photographer as well as other suppliers for the day.


I have a list of helpful tips and advice I will send through once you have booked me as your photographer but I have a set of FAQ's below:

How long have you been in this profession?

 I have been shooting weddings for 12 years. I have a wide range of experience working in all sorts of weather conditions, new venues and challenges that a wedding photographer faces. 

Do you bring an assistant?

I always prefer to bring an assistant when shooting a wedding to help carry my gear, reflector, and umbrellas when it’s raining and they will occasionally take photos from another viewpoint. Please remember to provide us with two seats at the reception and dinner, it’s a long day for us too!

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What time should I have my ceremony?

Choose the time of your ceremony according to the season of the year. In summer a 3pm or 3:30pm ceremony works well and in autumn and winter months a 2pm or 2:30pm ceremony works better. The less we have to stress and rush to get light the better for you and for me. If you are having a morning wedding you can schedule your creative shoot after the lunch to use the softer afternoon light. The above is factored around the “creative shoot” taking place after the ceremony. If you decide to have photos prior to the ceremony please schedule approx. 1hr30min for the shoot.

How long do you spend on the photo shoot after the ceremony?

An hour is enough time but if we need to travel for photos we will need extra time factored in.

How long until I see my photos after the wedding?

I generally require approx 12 weeks from the wedding for editing, designing, proofing and printing. During this time frame I will blog your wedding and can send you a pic or two should you wish to enter and bridal competitions. Please understand editing takes many hours and I don’t want to rush your wedding photographs when you will have them for a lifetime. All good things comes to those who wait :)

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Photoshop; how much do you edit?

Every image I supply (all high resolution) will have been edited to colour correct & enhance. I use my discretion when it comes to “removing” things from photos. Whilst I will happily remove a pimple or scratch from a bride or grooms face I won’t alter reality to make you look unnatural or like your skin is made of plastic. I prefer the more natural approach to editing images.

Can I choose the photos that go into my album?

Through my years of experience I am able to know which images work well in the album and fit the design. Supplying you with 500 photos and asking you to choose approx. 180 to fit into an album can be very daunting. Once I have designed your album you will be allowed to proof check it and if there is something you don't like I can change it and then it goes for printing and everyone is happy.

Can I have the raw unedited photos you took on the day?

No unfortunately not, it’s like a baker giving you the flour, eggs and butter and telling you to make your own wedding cake. Unedited photos are an unfinished product and I provide all my clients with the very best photos that are the most flattering. You will however always get more than the amount specified on your package as I always shoot way more than I need, bonus! :) 

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What do you love about wedding photography?

For every couple a wedding day is the highlight of their relationship, I get to be part of that and share in the raw emotions that a wedding day brings.  Whilst the day can be challenging and exhausting for me, I love seeing my clients happy and reliving the day through their photos all over again.

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