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Craig & Lauren's Wedding | Shalwyn Wedding Venue & Conference Centre

I have a number of memories from this lovely wedding! The wedding dress that converted into a cool cocktail style wedding dress! The most amazing bacon and banana cupcakes (mmm I could eat one right now). Climbing out the cabbage patch with shoes caked in mud and a postcard at their wedding which summed them up perfectly; "You and I are more than friends. We're like a really small gang". Love it!

Dress: Carisha from Bride-zilla & Kirsten Laesk alterations

Hair & Make-up: Kezia Myatt Nixon

Cake: Taryn from Smith's Bakeshop

Flowers: Wendy Gillitt

Catering: Hamblins Catering

DJ: Cecil Fourie from Executive DJs

Marriage Officer: Jonathan Payne

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