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Chris & Michele's Wedding | Barker Manor, Kloof

Love is only one fine star away ~ Stevie Nicks

During the reception of Chris & Michele's wedding I stood on the steps of Barker Manor looking at the pretty sunset when I noticed two large lights in the skyline. I later found out that it was Venus "kissing" Jupiter and the best time to see them would be 30min after sunset at the exact time I stood there looking at them. The next time they will be this close will be Nov 2065 and I'm certain Michele & Chris will be holding wrinkled hands looking out for these two planets

Cake: Aunty Cath (Chris' Aunt)

Flowers: Phyll La Reservee and friends

Minister: Rev. Peter Crundwell

Hair:Sarah Hawthorn Make-up: Lynne Brayley

Bagpiper: Rohan Ludick

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