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Zayne & Nikita's wedding | Clansthal, KZN

The guests were invited to an "engagement party" but when they arrived a chalk board was at the gate to let them know to continue driving to a chapel as it was actually going to be a wedding! I was so excited to be part of this day as I knew it was going to be a unique, relaxed and intimate affair. I have no doubt it is a lot more work planning a surprise wedding as every element has to carefully thought out (picking bridesmaids dresses and shoes without them even trying them on is just one example!!) yet these two had it all seamlessly covered. My wish for you lovely people is that you may you navigate the challenges of life with God as your guide as well as you handled this beautiful day!

Chapel: Rennie Shaw Chapel

Pastor: Wesley Pulvenis from Lions Gate

Hair & Makeup: Jacqui Trinder

Cake: Gigi Fleiner Table Decor: Willowed Styled Events

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